At UrHealth Benefits, we believe there is a better way to do insurance. A less complex, more personal way where your health is put first and you're able to live a happier and healthier life. We are obsessively passionate about it, and it is our mission to help people achieve this. We focus on Life, Individual & Family Health, Supplemental, Travel and Medicare Insurances. We're excited to simplify the insurance process for everyone through our people-first approach.

Our Founding

Originally from New Jersey, our founder James Ferriero worked in the World Trade Center immediately after college where he worked at a reinsurance firm. It wasn't until moving to Florida, getting laid off from his job during the recession, and joining his brother's Insurance Agency  that he had the opportunity to branch out on his own, thus founding his first company, Life First Financial.

As a mission driven individual, James was eager for a rebrand to fit his core belief of putting his clients first. And thus, UrHealth Benefits was born in early 2020.

Our mission is simple; it's Ur Health.

We want to be your partner along your health journey. Our core values and our mission revolve around changing the world by helping others have access to some form of healthcare for their needs.

Whether your healthcare needs are minor or major, we want to be a resource to help manage those needs. Your need for health insurance, whether for business, individual, families or medicare should always be suggested based on Ur (your) needs and lifestyle. Our philosophy is built on respect for life and trust, so we believe in transparency and eliminating greed.

Plain and simple, we are paid to enroll people into insurance plans, but if we don’t think insurance fits your lifestyle, we walk away… and do so with more knowledge and a smile knowing you were treated with respect and shown all of your options. Our team is here for Ur (your) healthcare needs and we are excited to being your healthcare resource.

Unbiased, transparent advice

Friendly + Knowledgeable Customer Service

Protecting Yo(ur) Health + Happiness

Meet Our Team

Roshanda Greene

Licensed Insurance Agent

Linda Pierre

Licensed Insurance Agent

Shaketa Thomas

Licensed Insurance Agent

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Where does the name "UrHealth Benefits" come from?

UrHealth Benefits came to be due to a lack of the insurance industry focusing on people’s overall health and wellbeing and more on profits. So I decided that I needed to take an approach of putting my clients’ (UrHealth) needs first and figuring out how to Benefit(s) their health. So, as a result, I want people to know that working with my company Yo(ur) Health Benefits in more ways than one as we want to be a resource to make sure your health is a priority. 


Founder of Urhealth Benefits

Live Better. 
Be Healthier. 
Yo(ur) Health Benefits from it.

Our founder, James Ferriero, through his years of assisting, talking, listening and personally experiencing the complexity of healthcare both nationally and internationally, set out to understand the disparity in healthcare and makes it his company’s mission to educate people on insurance, healthy lifestyles and ways of reducing stress and anxiety.

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