Why travel insurance is important:

The reality is that not all things go to plan. Sometimes, you have to cancel a trip last minute, travel delays can leave you stranded, you get sick or hurt when you're far from home, or you need help in a hurry. Whatever unfortunate situation may arise, you know you'll be protected and covered with a proper travel insurance plan.

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A breakdown of general plans

voyager | single trip

Health and accident insurance for an international trip.

TREKKER | Multiple Trips

Health and accident insurance for frequent travelers.

XPLORER | Long Term | Expatriate

International health plans that cover you inside and outside the U.S.

An overview of specialty plans

VOYAGER | Single Trip | Groups

search quotes + purchase a plan

Groups of five or more people qualify for a lower rate.

NAVIGATOR | Long Term | Education

Navigator: Worldwide health insurance for students and faculty.

NAVIGATOR | Long Term | Crew

International health plans for captains and crew members.

NAVIGATOR | Long Term | Missionary

International health plans for career missionaries and volunteers.

CORPORATE | Long and Short Term

International health plans for corporate expats and travelers.

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